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click to see full panel from JSA #0 December 2006
Superman Returns!
Although the Earth-2 Superman was killed at the end of Infinite Crisis, a recent sneak peak in the pages of JSA reveals that he may very well be returning from the dead sometime in 2007.

November 2005
The K-Metal From Krypton!
At long last!  After 65 years of waiting, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's famous unpublished 1940 Superman story is finally unleashed upon the world!

See the Secret Files section for details! 

November 2005
This Is Your Life, Superman!
DC Comics announced that it will be publishing a 3-part life-story of the Earth-2 Superman running through all of the Superman titles in February, 2006!  "This Is Your Life, Superman!" starts in Superman 226, continues in Action Comics 836, and concludes in Adventures of Superman 649.  The saga begins with the destruction of Krypton and Kal-L's arrival on Earth in 1938, continues on with his romance with Lois Lane, and ends with the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths!

October 2005
Earth-2 Superman Returns!
Infinite Crisis #1 features the return of the Golden-Age Superman!  19 years after Crisis on Infinite Earths, Superman finally smashes the dimensional barrier and returns to the DCU!

Men of Tomorrow October 2005
Men of Tomorrow Paperback!
The paperback edition of Gerard Jones' Men of Tomorrow, the history of the creation of the Super-Hero comic book, also gives the complete complex and convoluted heart-wrenching saga of Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Harry Donenfeld, and many more involved in the creation of the one-and-only, original, Superman!  This new edition includes, for the first time, additional information never before known, as Jerry Siegel's son, Michael, speaks out after a lifetime of silence about his father!

October 2005
DC Announces 'Superman Chronicles!'
DC Comics announced that the first volume of 'Superman Chronicles' will be coming out January 18, 2006.  This series of affordable full-color trade paperbacks reprints every single one of Superman's adventures in chronological publication order.  Volume one collects stories from Action Comics #1-13, New York World's Fair Comics #1, and Superman #1 (1938-1939).  Future volumes will reprint stories from Action, Superman, World's Finest, and other titles throughout Superman's history, all presented chronologically based on publication date!

July 2005
New Golden-Age Superman Novel!
The first Golden-Age Superman novel since 1942's The Adventures of Superman:

"The world's most popular and enduring super hero and acclaimed novelist Tom De Haven come together to create the extraordinary It's Superman!a novel that reinvents the early years of the Man of Steel.  It takes an entirely fresh approach to the emergence of his superpowers and the start of his newspaper career, following him from rural 1930s Kansas across America to Hollywood in its golden age, and then to New York City.  He meets a worldly Lois Lane and conniving political boss Lex Luthor, and begins his battles against criminal masterminds, mad scientists, and supervillains inspired by fascists.  It's a fun and fast-paced novel of thrilling invention, heroic escapades, ill-fitting costumes, and super-sized coming-of-age angst." - Chronicle Books

February 2003
Golden-Age Superman Appearance
Adventures of Superman #612 features a guest appearance by the latest incarnation of the Golden-Age Superman.  This time around, Superman is the fictional creation of an occasional novelist, come to life.  Is the modern era ready for Golden-Age virtues?  Written by Joe Casey, art by Derec Aucoin.

July 2002
New Home!
Welcome to the new home of the Unofficial Golden-Age Superman Site!  Be sure not to miss the latest addition - two entries in the Secret Files section.

June 1999
Superman Spotted!
DC One Million 80-Page Giant #1 featured none other than the Golden-Age Superman in a cameo role, sporting the costume he wore in his series of "Mr. and Mrs. Superman" stories from the late 1970s and early 1980s.  The story is entitled "Crisis One Million" and is written by DC One Million creator Grant Morrison.

December 1998
Earth-2 Superman is back!
The Kingdom #2 gives us the first glimpse of the Earth-2 Superman since 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earth!  Superman is alive and well and biding his time until he returns!

April 1998
The Golden-Age Superman takes on the Nazis!
Man of Steel #80 is the first installment in a 3-part story running in issues #80-82!  For the first time, Superman directly confronts the evils of the Holocaust.  More info about it here.

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